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Project description

On the basis of a feasibility study for the new construction of a biomass thermal energy plant in St. Andrä with the compilation of detailed data on households and an analysis of the performance data of the existent network in Brixen, the decision was made to implement the district heating network as a combined system with the one in Brixen and to erect a small thermal plant in St. Andrä so as to be able to cover peak energy requirements. The majority of the necessary energy will be generated in modular cogeneration plants in the already-existent central district heating plants belonging to the Brixen municipal utilities company and then conveyed via the existent buffer storage unit in Milland and then via the newly constructed connection line (2 km long) to St. Andrä. Once there, it will be fed into the district heating network of St. Andrä (4.5 km) via the new buffer storage unit.

Project information

Stadtwerke Brixen AG, Brixen, Italy

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Feasibility study, overall planning, overall construction management, fire protection, safety coordination, invoicing

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Dipl.-Agr. Michael Bergmeister

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Arch. Stefan Gschnitzer