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It is only because of the commitment, enthusiasm, and drive of our employees that we can succeed in meeting our own high standards and fulfilling the expectations for quality of our clients!
For this reason, we feel that it is extremely important to create a work environment characterized by mutual respect and cooperation, and in which our employees are able to develop their strengths and pursue their interests.


"We deal with a very wide range of projects, many of which display a high degree of complexity. We demand a high level of quality from ourselves, and the interesting new challenges that we encounter in our daily work make my job an exciting one."

Hannes Fischnaller

“Through direct contact with universities, we are able to put the latest state of the art technology into practice in our projects!”

Andreas Pürgstaller

„I particularly appreciate the flexible working hours in our company and the freedom in time management.“

Samuel Mitterrutzner

"I like the never-ending search for self-improvement, both towards clients and inhouse, at Bergmeister. We look for the best so that we can give the best! "

Fabio Filippi

"Men and women here enjoy absolute equality. One's success is dependent only upon the degree of commitment that one brings to the table."

Martina Ramoner

"I particularly appreciate being able to work according to my personal interests, and that my company invests on my professional development!"

Lukas Rabensteiner

"The transfer of know-how in our team functions smoothly. We profit heavily from the exchange of knowledge and ideas and this really benefits the given project."

Philipp Prighel

"At ITB we place great importance on the concept of team and the climate in the workplace. Activities are regularly organised outside working hours to help create personal relationships between colleagues. "

Michele Bertoldi

"I especially appreciate the flexibility and understanding for private obligations here at our company. For example, after a night-time deployment for the White Cross, I can just phone in to the office and explain that I'll be coming in later – and everyone is fine with that."

Theo Demetz

Corporate Culture and values


The competence of our employees is the basis for our business success! The regular internal and external sharing of know-how, interdisciplinary cooperation, professional networks, participating in training courses and conferences, etc. form the basis for the continuing development of our abilities and our expertise.

Commitment and drive 

We can achieve our business goals only if our employees have commitment and drive! We do everything we can – by providing a modern work environment and pleasant workplaces, room to act and grow, and the opportunity to participate in projects which reflect the individual interests and talents of our employees – to create an environment in which our coworkers enjoy working and can achieve the best-possible results.

A chance to "make a difference"

We are convinced that the best solutions can be reached by freely sharing opinions with respect to both technical issues and organizational aspects. Each employee is called upon to make a contribution and display initiative, e.g., in the context of our weekly work sessions and project discussions. We also maintain a special forum (the "workers' circle") serving as an interdisciplinary platform where specific questions, but also general topics, can be raised and discussed.

A sense of community

It is important that our employees cooperate with each other and enjoy working in the team. That's why we actively support personal contact and the exchange of ideas – e.g., by regularly participating in our "leisure-time circle," outings, sporting events, etc.

Work/Life Balance

We recognize the fact that our employees have lives outside the office, too. That's why we offer various different work-time models and flex-time. Employees are thus able to respond to changing demands in different phases of life, fulfill individual life-responsibilities, and balance their personal interests and professional obligations.

Trust & respect

We uphold a positive view of humanity. We are convinced that each team member will do his or her best, and that we can trust one another. Mutual respect and trust enable us to find good solutions even in complex situations.