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Operating internationally,
acting strategically.

Our passion for applying our enormous body of know-how, our desire for independence, our drive to research, our inspiration and creativity is what makes it possible for us to think in interconnected patterns and act internationally. Our primary area of activity is – besides Italy – the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The various different sites of the Bergmeister Group match our strategic orientation and open the way for growth, flexibility, and constant further development.

Brixen - Vahrn


Bergmeister GmbH
Eisackstraße 1 · Via Isarco 1
39040 Vahrn - Varna

Tel. +39 0472 979 000

E-Mail info@bergmeister.eu
pec mail: bergmeistergmbh@pec.it

Our company headquarters are located in Vahrn / Varna (near Brixen). This is where the Bergmeister company began its way to the top. From a strategic point of view, Brixen is an ideal location since it is situated along the most-important European north-south axis and is well-connected with the conurbations of northern Italy and Central Europe. 
Brixen is a picturesque city with an historic atmosphere and almost Mediterranean flair. Surrounded by the Dolomites, the main ridge of the Alps, and cultural landscapes extending even to the higher altitudes, it offers everything the heart desires with respect to high-quality lifestyle and enjoyment.

Bergmeister GmbH

Chairman of the Board:
Hermann Leitner

Tax and registration number
in the commercial register of Bolzano: 02738860218

UID: IT 02738860218

List of economic and administrative data:
Nr. 201620

Subscribed share capital
fully paid up: 110.000 €

Bank details:
Raiffeisenkasse Eisacktal
IBAN: IT 38 J 08307 58221 000300018082
CIN: R | ABI: 08307 | CAB: 58221 |
K/K: 000300018082



Bergmeister Ingenieure GmbH
Aschauer Straße 32
81549 Munich

Tel. +49 89 780 720 72

E-Mail info@bergmeister.eu

Munich is the capital city of the state of Bavaria. This vibrant metropolis in the south of Germany is a magnet for technology and innovation. Our branch offices here are situated in the city center. Our main areas of activity are in structural engineering planning in civil engineering projects and the entire range of constructive engineering.
Munich boasts not only a wonderful mixture of international flair and time-honored tradition – it's also a vital commercial hub whose airport opens the door to the whole world.

Projects in Munich

Bergmeister Ingenieure GmbH

Matthias Gander
Andreas Pürgstaller
Josef Taferner

Registration number Commercial Register Munich:
HRB 209634

UID: DE293308061

Share capital: 25.000 €

Bank details:
Stadtsparkasse München
IBAN: DE 20701500001003161005
Bankleitzahl: 701 500 00



Bergmeister ZT GmbH
Türkenstraße 25/12
1090 Vienna

Tel. +43 (0)1 8904611

E-Mail info@bergmeister.eu

Our site in the Austrian capital completes the geographic axis towards the east and covers the strategic field of research and development. The decision to establish this foothold here was the appointment of our founder, Konrad Bergmeister, to a professorship at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. By participating in national and international research projects, we are able to bolster our know-how in the fields of structural mechanics, structural engineering, fastening technology, building and lifecycle analysis, research and development of products and methods in the building and construction sector. 
Vienna is the charming gateway to the cultural landscapes of Eastern Europe, and also an historical center for art and music. A city to be enjoyed with all the senses.

Bergmeister Engineering GmbH

Konrad Bergmeister

Firmenbuchnummer am Handelsgericht Wien:


35.000 Euro

Bank details:
Erste Bank
IBAN: AT81 2011 1826 5315 5700



Bergmeister + Partner AG
Feldstrasse 60
8180 Bülach

Tel. +41 77 26 10 300

E-Mail info@bergmeister.ch

The Swiss business metropolis is one of Europe's most important financial centres, home to many major international companies and a hub for continental air and rail traffic. Through the headquarters of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), it is also home to one of the world's most important universities in the field of technology and natural sciences. This vibrant city with its highly regarded architectural scene and building culture is home to our company's newest branch. The focus of the Zurich group is on structural design and construction of architecturally demanding buildings and bridges, with a special focus on lightweight construction, steel, composite and façade construction.
Projects in Zurich

Bergmeister + Partner AG

Matthias Gander
Elmar Kindle

Handelsregisteramt des Kantons Zürich

UID: CHE-341.064.938

Share capital: 100.000 CHF

Bank details:
Zürcher Kantonalbank
IBAN: CH85 0070 0114 8045 7456 3