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Requirement, idea, innovation and research - Successful implementation

Based on the high cooling demand between process and room cooling at the company Alupress from Brixen, Bergmeister GmbH ventured NEW together with Alupress.
Requirement: The system had to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective in operation.
During the concept phase, the idea developed for using river water from the Eisack for cooling purposes.

More info in the video or directly at Bergmeister GmbH.

12th april 2021

Rosenheim Technical University

Contract awarded for the planning of the new Technology Park (X-Bau) and Rosenheim Student Center as part of the Rosenheim Technical University.

Rosenheim Technical University was founded in 1971 as a university of applied sciences. With its broad range of courses in the four disciplines of technology, business, design and health, Rosenheim Technical University is a major driving force for the development and promotion of young talent in the entire region of southeastern Upper Bavaria ("Planning Region 18"). Today, it is one of the most important educational institutions in the wood industry in Europe.
The Rosenheim Technical University is to be expanded to include a technology park (X-Bau) with laboratory and machine halls for research and teaching as well as a student center with a cafeteria. This project will initiate the development of the entire university campus. The site of the former Bogensiedlung in the immediate neighborhood of the existing university campus is available for the construction project.

General planner: karlundp Architekten
Bergmeister is responsible for the structural design and traffic planning.

7th april 2021

Callas Innsbruck: topping out

The structural work is almost complete and the interior finishing worg has already begun. The last floor must be erected without crane, as it would otherwise protrude into the safety zone of the nearby airport.


30th march 2021

Drusus Stadium

No audience, but they play anyway ... and in the background the construction site goes on!


15th march 2021

Bridge renovations at Schleißheim Palace

Contract awarded for the planning of the structural engineering for the bridge renovations at Schleißheim Palace.
Schleißheim palace estate: This is a complex of 3 individual palace buildings connected by a generous garden area. The area essentially comprises the 3 palace complexes (Old Palace, New Palace, Lustheim Palace). The property is approx. 100 ha in size. Large parts of the property, especially the gardens, are open to the public. The gardens are crossed by 3 guided canals.
The bridge structures of the Oberschleißheim palace complex were examined and evaluated in the course of the structural inspection according to DIN 1076. Deficiencies, some of them considerable, were found in 24 of the inspected structures. This resulted in an urgent need for action. The major construction measure - renovation of bridges - comprises 21 structures on the Schleißheim castle property.

1st March 2021

Cultural hall in Prettau

The building site for the demolition of the existing building and the new construction of the cultural hall in Prettau will start at the beginning of March.
The team is ready!

26th february 2021