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Day-care-center building type 150 minus, Berlin

After long and detailed planning, the first of, for now, three day care centres is realised at the location "zu den Fichtewiesen, Berlin". After completion of soil improvement and reinforced concrete works as well as infrastructure relocation, the erection of the prefabricated wooden structure was started. Works are currently underway on the ground floor and the upper floors will follow quickly in the coming weeks.
The structural frame of the buildings is made of wood or wood-based materials, with the focus on standardization and industrial series production.
23 April 2020

competitionline Ranking 2019/2020!

We are happy about the success in the competitionline ranking 2019/2020!

15th place in the category CONSTRUCTION ENGINEER
17th place in the category STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING PLANNERS
19th place in the category TECHNICAL BUILDING PLANNERS


23 April 2020

grouCeremony for the subsidized housing, Pfarrkirchen

On March 6th, the ground-breaking ceremony for the subsidized housing estate of the students' services Niederbayern/Oberpfalz for students of the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen took place. By the winter semester 2021, 20 shared flats for 60 students will be created.
Bergmeister is responsible for the planning of the technical building equipment and structural engineering.
Architect: karlundp Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Munich
Photo: Schmitzer
23 March 2020

St. Konrad primary and secondary school in Regensburg

The school building from the years 1935 and 1965 was renovated between 2000-2004 and extended by an after- school care area.
In 2013, a space for the lunch service was set up next to the after-school care rooms on the 2nd floor.
Bergmeister Ingenieure Munich was commissioned for the reconstruction and expansion of the St. Konrad primary and secondary school.
Structural design LPH 1-6 + 8
11 February 2020

Special Educational Support Centre Munich North-West

The city of Munich is planning a new concept for the area of the Special Educational Support Centre Munich North-West.
Bergmeister Ingenieure Munich was commissioned for the structural design LPH 2-6 + 8 and the new extension of the Special Education Support Centre Munich North-West including the new construction of the sports hall and the demolition of the existing building.
29 January 2020

New High School Nürnberg

The structure erected in 1959 by Friedrich Seegy, the gym and the caretaker building are listed edifice.
Bergmeister Ingenieure Munich was commissioned for the extention of the existing building and for the general restructure of the listed building and gymnasiums.
LPH 1-6 + 8
29 January 2020