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Herzog bridge, Eichstätt

Herzog bridge
Herzog bridge
Herzog bridge
Herzog bridge

Project description

Excerpt from the jury's decision: "The concept represents the elegant and reserved integration of the project into the surrounding cityscape. On one hand, with the expansion to the Franz-Xaver-Platz, the project acquires something of the character of the plaza; on the other hand, it responds to the narrowness of the Herzoggasse by reducing the width of the bridge. The bridge's body is unusually slim for a steel-reinforced concrete structure, and stands demurely yet radiating plenty of self-confidence before the historical city skyline. The design of the bridge body as a monolithic in-situ concrete structure forms a unit with the bridge abutments, requires no constructional joints, and thus has an elegant and harmonious appearance. The engineering of the foundation and representation of the steel reinforcement is very convincing. All in all, the concept exhibits remarkable constructional and design qualities appropriate to municipal projects and represents a very high-quality contribution."

Project information

Awarding authority
Stadt Eichstätt, Germany

First Prize, 2019

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