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We offer expert know-how in all classic engineering disciplines. Our commitment in various different specialized areas allows us to round out our range of services, with the goal of providing innovative and responsible overall support.


Disciplines in classic engineering

Structural engineering and constructive civil engineering, civil engineering and construction management, infrastructure and environmental technology, bridge construction and building conservation, tunnel construction and geotechnical works, energy technology, building technology (incl. HVAC) and building physics, electrical engineering, safety and fire protection


Know-how in special areas

Consulting, feasibility studies, master plans, planning, construction management, project management, invitation to submit bids, measurement and calculations, project inspections and testing, expertises, surveying, klimahaus (low-energy) and green building certification, compliance with the energy-saving, ordinance (EnEV), fire-protection planning and acceptance, compacting technology, light-weight construction, building with glass, safety analyses and risk plans


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Structural engineering

Constructive engineering is the original core competence of Bergmeister and was the initial starting point for our success and growth as a company. This is based on the idea that – wherever the spatial structure is an integral component of the supporting structure – support structures also fulfill structural demands. We activate the static-constructive functions of the components and thus base our decision-making on sustainable, economic, and efficient construction with the appropriate materials.

Civil engineering & construction management

We are general planners for technical installations and work with the highest quality demands in the field of civil engineering and in construction management with renowned architect agencies. In this context, we provide the entire range of necessary technical services up to architectural planning: This includes all the engineering (structural engineering, electrical engineering, HVAC planning, and energy concepts), the elaboration of calls for tender, assignment, contracting, construction supervision, and invoicing; also general construction management. Our focus in on industrial construction and the execution of demanding public and private above-ground structures.

Infrastructure & environmental technology

We offer a wide portfolio of competences: From our specialization in the field of road construction and hydraulic engineering, all the way up to modern infrastructural planning, e.g., glass fiber networks. Our range of services includes studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, planning, and construction supervision for projects in the areas of traffic infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, and the environment. Our interdisciplinary know-how in the various areas of civil engineering and the integration of planning sequences within the company yields significant synergies.

Bridge construction & building conservation

Our basic attitude on the function and esthetic qualities of materials plays an especially big role in bridge construction. We elaborate concepts and also entire construction projects: From site planning and structural engineering, pre-dimensioning, to stability certification, all the way up to constructive design and construction management. Besides new planning, we also plan refurbishment and conservation measures for existent bridges.

Tunnel construction & geotechnical works

Complex tunnel construction and geotechnical works include underground civil engineering for special structures and tunnel construction. We plan both open constructional projects and cut-and-cover projects and are also experts in the entire field of underground construction. In this context, we have experience both in conventional tunnel construction for passages, shafts, caverns, roadway / railroad tunnels and in the area of mechanical excavation methods. Our planning services encompass inventory-taking, preliminary studies, preliminary projects, preparing project applications for approval, all the way up to execution projects. We measure the tunnel lining and conduct safety analyses. During the execution phase, we handle construction supervision, construction consulting, construction and contract management, planning costs and timetables, construction invoicing, and follow-up management.

Energy technology & building physics

As modern engineers, we also view the responsible use of energy as one of our central tasks. The prerequisite for this is know-how in all aspects of energy management. We draft and plan entire installations for alternative energy sources, thoroughly optimize thermal power plants, or carry out studies for you.

Electrical engineering

The optimization of the electrical systems and energy-consumption profiles of buildings and installations is an important part of planning. We work on installations with very different requirement profiles and degrees of complexity: Commercial and industrial facilities, various public infrastructure projects including buildings, street lighting, tunnel illumination, and traffic control systems as well as hotel complexes, residential dwellings, apartment buildings, and photovoltaic and wind power installations.

Safety & fire protection

Our specialized work group assumes responsibility for interdisciplinary planning and coordination for building site safety (Legislative Decree 81/2008). We are thus always completely up to date with respect to statutory regulations and technology. Our portfolio of services extends from designing monitoring and safety during the planning phase, carrying out inspections, monitoring, all the way up to overall safety coordination during the execution phase. For fire-protection planning, we elaborate fire-protection designs and plan all the constructive fire protection.

Research & development

The future is made of ideas. In order to work together in shaping the future, we act as the link between business and research. Our relations with the most-varied of research institutes and universities enable us to supply our clients with innovative and creative solutions to the kinds of challenges encountered across the entire range of engineering projects. Through our work in international and local research projects and our close contact with the responsible government agencies, we support our clients in dealing with the technical and formal aspects of R&D projects.

Furthermore, Bergmeister thus promotes the continuing training of its workers and – in cooperation with higher institutes of learning – innovation in its own areas of activities.

In cooperation with university and private R&D institutes, a team of highly specialized engineers elaborate tailor-made solutions for private and public construction projects.

For our industrial partners, we provide services in the research and development of construction products and support national and international approval processes in close cooperation with certified inspectorates.

Our team is specialized in complex numerical simulations and parameter studies with powerful computational tools. The determination of input parameters and their stochastic description is performed according to the latest scientific knowledge. On the basis of detailed calculations of the condition and lifecycle using probabilistic methods, it is possible to ensure the efficient and resource-saving construction and conservation of structures.