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A07 Valley bridge, Treffling

A07 Valley bridge, Treffling
A07 Valley bridge, Treffling

Project description

The M09 bridge (Treffling valley bridge) is located along the A07 Mühlkreis autobahn. There are separate bridge bridge support structures for each direction of traffic.
After a routine test of the bridge in 2014, the decision was made to carry out various measures, including the renovation of three complete bridge parapets (towards Prague on the outside and inside; towards Linz on the outside). In the course of doing this, the guide planks and railing will also be dismantled. This makes it possible to recycle the guide planks and railing. Further, the ends of the cantilevered slab are to be removed, rebuilt, and reinforced. It will also be necessary to carry out drainage measures and to renovate the concrete at the support structure and substructure. In the course of the renovation of the bridge in 2018, it is planned to enhance and adapt the existent noise-protection measures.

Project information

ASFINAG Bau Management GmbH, Wien, Austria

Our services
Planning for A07 INB Object M9 (Treffling valley bridge AB-km 16.70–17.19) and noise-protection barriers.

Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Walter Weis B.Sc.

Project planner
Dipl.-Ing. Walter Weis B.Sc.