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Administrative building for Fa. Barth Innenausbau, Brixen / Bressanone

Administrative building for Fa. Barth Innenausbau
Administrative building for Fa. Barth Innenausbau
Administrative building for Fa. Barth Innenausbau

Project description

The Barth company is well known for high-quality craftsmanship. It began as a cabinetmaker's shop and grew steadily to become what is today a company specializing in interior finishing with worldwide activities. At the same time, the company's close cooperation with architects and artists posed a challenge to develop something new and creative using various different materials and techniques.
The design of the new office building had to rise to the occasion and make an artistically expressive statement.
The building's basic shape is that of a hexagon, with in part far overhanging arms. This was erected essentially as a prefabricated wood structure. The interior steel-reinforced concrete core together with the specific use of steel profiles all combine to give the structure the necessary rigidity.

Project information

Barth Innenausbau KG, Brixen, Italy

Our services
Project coordination, structural engineering, electrical engineering planning, cost management, calls for tender, assignment, and invoicing (TAI), construction management, safety coordination

Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Leitner

Gerd Bergmeister Architekten
Schlachthausgasse 3
I-39042 Brixen

Arch. Christian Schwienbacher
Fallmerayerstraße 15
I-39042 Brixen