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Building B, Stuttgart

Building B
Building B
Building B
Building B
Building B

Project description

House B is a two-story single-family residential dwelling which integrates seamlessly into the topographical conditions but also affords various excellent views from all rooms. One enters the building at the upper story. The upper storey with its all-glass façade forms an atrium and an inner courtyard for the storey below. Slim façade supports in combination with in part unstressed and pre-stressed steel-reinforced concrete ceilings permit generous floor planning.
Concrete serves not only a supportive function. Rather, it also serves as a thermal storage mass (concrete core activation). On the exterior, it also serves as a rugged, weather-reistent and permanent exposed façade in combination with the all-glass façade. With the outdoor pool, too, concrete serves to provide structural support, to seal, and to shape the design – without additional surface treatments.

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Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Gander

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