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Callas, Höttinger Au, Innsbruck

Callas, Höttinger Au

Project description

The new construction of an eight-storey residential and office building in a prominent location impresses with its extraordinary architecture. The changing floor plans make high demands on the static-constructive planning. The cantilevered part of the building was realised by a framework-like reinforcement with diagonal steel elements. The building is founded with a combined pile and slab foundation, the basement is designed as a white tub. The small number of stiffening elements on the ground floor required great attention in the planning of an earthquake-proof supporting structure by capacity design. By forming ductile walls, the earthquake energy is dissipated in clearly defined zones.

Project information

Planet Bauprojekt GmbH, Innsbruck, Austria

Our services
Structural engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Fischnaller

Arch. DI Astrid Tschapeller, Arch. DI Michael Steinlechner, Innsbruck; columbosnext - Arch. DI Verena Rauch, Arch. DI Walter Prenner, Innsbruck; Planet Bauprojekt


Planet Bauprojekt