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Drusus Stadium, Bozen / Bolzano

Drusus Stadium
Drusus Stadium
Drusus Stadium
Drusus Stadium
Drusus Stadium

Project description

The Drusus Stadium is located in the center of Bozen / Bolzano. It consists of the "Zanvettor" and "Canazza" grandstands, which are opposite each other and which display quite different styles. The special characteristic of the reconstruction is the monumental façade of the main grandstands, which date back to the 1930s and which enjoy special legal protection as historical buildings. It was these grandstands which were to be preserved and integrated conceptually. During the first construction phase, the stadium is renovated and the capacity expanded from 3,100 seats to 5,400 seats. To achieve this, the two grandstands are lengthened and brought up to the playing field. The addition of a north and a south grandstand – resulting in a closed quadrangle for up to 10,000 spectators (Series B) – was taken into account in the plans. While the "Canazza" grandstand with its characteristic concrete shell roof in the Nervi style is to be preserved and renovated, the entire substructure as well as the roof of the "Zanvettor" grandstand are to be built anew.

Project information

Stadtgemeinde Bozen, Bozen, Italy

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