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Foot and cycle path bridge, Mönchengladbach

Foot and cycle path bridge

Project description

Replacement of the Bettrather Straße bridge as a pedestrian and cycle bridge in Mönchengladbach

The bridge derives its form from a few consistently applied construction parameters and a formal and material emphasis on the different characteristics of the traffic routes crossing at different heights. Seen from the Hermann-Piecq-Anlage, the sculptural Corten steel bridge body, characterised by the alternation of edges and surfaces, open and closed areas, dominates the perception of the structure.
The constructive design of the bridge consistently pursues the goal of obtaining a clearly detailed structure that is economical in steel and concrete construction and can be completed and assembled in a short time while using common procedures. The bridge cross-section consists of two lateral steel box girder cross-sections, which are supported vertically and horizontally on the abutments and on the stairway pier. They are connected to each other by cross girders. Due to the chosen structural design, choice of materials and drainage strategy, the concrete carriageway and the stairways can be constructed as concrete surfaces that can be directly driven over and walked on without sealing. Therefore further advantages with regard to durability and sustainability are achieved. The concrete surface is bush-hammered to increase durability, as well as slip resistance and further to enhance the look and feel.

Project information

Awarding authority
City of Mönchengladbach, Germany

Recognition, 2021

worked on by
Matthias Gander, Josef Taferner, Prof. Dr. Andreas Taras, Matthias
Gebhard, Philipp Prighel, Julia Schölzhorn, architect Christoph Mayr

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Bergmeister Engineers GmbH


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