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Manincor winery, Kaltern / Caldaro

Manincor winery
Manincor winery
Manincor winery
Manincor winery
Manincor winery
Manincor winery

Project description

New construction of an underground wine cellar and refurbishment of an historical building.
The excavation pit proved to be a significant challenge: The existent historical structures had to be secured and underpinned. Additionally, on the upper side of the slope, the excavation pit was 15 meters deep. Most of the retaining wall was constructed as a permanent installation and later integrated into the final structure. Nail walls with sprayed concrete and injection drill anchors, exclusively, were employed in securing the pit. GEWI piles were also used for the underpinnings.

Project information

Manincor K.G., Kaltern, Italy

Our services
Project coordination, Structural engineering, structural construction management, electrical engineering planning, invitation to submit bids and invoicing, safety coordination

Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Leitner

Arch. Walter Angonese, Kaltern, Italy
Arch. Rainer Köberl, Innsbruck, Austria


Bergmeister, Angonese