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Redesign of entrance lobby and exhibition center, Bozen / Bolzano

Redesign of entrance lobby and exhibition center
Redesign of entrance lobby and exhibition center
Redesign of entrance lobby and exhibition center

Project description

This plan calls for the construction of a multifunctional exhibition center capable of fulfilling its tasks the whole year around as the most-important building in South Bozen / Bolzano. In the planning concept, the current inner courtyard will be repurposed as a central entrance lobby / atrium and serve as a hub; it will be provided with a light, almost floating structure serving as a roof. A second, similar roof structure projects far into the exhibition center and marks the main entrance. Two extremely light, arched hover cushion roofs are planned, with a curved interior steel framework structure. The exhibition center is viewed as a municipal space which, because of its multifunctionality, is virtually free of fixed structures. This municipal space is emphasized by the organically shaped, translucent roof and the very filigree steel supports.

Project information

Awarding authority
Messe Bozen AG, Bozen, Italy

First Prize, 2017

Our services
Structural engineering, planning of technical building equipment, planning of fire-prevention, safety coordination

Contact person
Dr.-Ing. Josef Taferner

Höller & Klotzner Architekten, Meran, Italy



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