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The Goethe Institute, Rome

The Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute

Project description

This project includes renovation measures to regain the operating authorization and to protect against earthquakes. The Goethe Institute consists of three buildings. The older building, Building B, is a five-story masonry construction which was built in about the year 1900. The masonry consists largely of natural tuff with lime mortar. The story ceilings are vaulted. The uppermost story ceilings are wood beam ceilings. The roof structure is made of wood. Buildings A and C are considered an expansion of the existent school building. This expansion was erected in 1964 according to the plans of the Italian architect Enzo Giannini in the style of the Italian late Rationalism. It is made of steel-reinforced concrete and is based on the model of the Nervis. Building A is used for events and the school's sporting activities. Later, around 1987, the gymnasium was repurposed to serve as a library.

Project information

BBR - Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Bonn, Germany

Our services
Survey of the existing situation, post-construction calculations, planning, building supervision for the technical building equipment, planning of fire-prevention measures, safety coordination

Per. Ind. Manfred Brugger

Architekten karlundp, München, Germany