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Highway overpass in Albeins / Albès - A22, Brixen / Bressanone

Highway overpass in Albeins / Albès - A22
Highway overpass in Albeins / Albès - A22
Highway overpass in Albeins / Albès - A22

Project description

Planning of the demolition and reconstruction of the highway overpass in Albeins at km 47+819 (Brenner highway A22). The street bridge is part of Provincial Highway LS 28 and crosses the Brenner highway, thus connecting the village of Albeins and the Brixen / Bressanone industrial zone with State Highway SS12. The highway onramp in Albeins is in poor condition and is unable to meet current and future requirements.
The new bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a hyperbolic arrangement of the cables. It crosses – without midway pillars – the south and north spur of the highway, the onramp and exit ramp of the "Brixen Süd" highway connection, and State Highway SS12. It has the cross-section of a five-cell hollow steel box; only the edge beams are made of steel-reinforced concrete.

Project information

Brennerautobahn AG, Trient, Italy

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Dipl.-Ing. Walter Weis B.Sc.