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Pedestrian and bicycle path at the sluice weir, Bad Oeynhausen

Pedestrian and bicycle path at the sluice weir
Pedestrian and bicycle path at the sluice weir
Pedestrian and bicycle path at the sluice weir

Project description

Landscape, bridge, architectural design: the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge puts an end to the spatial separation of the landscape between the upstream and downstream segments of the Werre River. The pre-tensioned ribbon bridge spans the river from shore to shore. The 30-cm-narrow pedestrian crossing is simultaneously the supporting structure. The ribbon is anchored to the abutment blocks integrated into the dam and diverted at the central support. The minimal cross-section of this supporting structure provides an unimpeded view of the entire riverine landscape from all sides and enhances its role as a local recreational area. At the end of the retaining wall, between the two arms of the river, a pillar supports the bridge ribbon and pushes it upwards. The slight change in direction at this high point enriches the experience of the pedestrians and cyclists crossing the bridge.

Project information

Awarding authority
Stadt Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

Fourth Prize, 2016

Our services
Building planning, structural engineering planning

Contact person
Dr.-Ing. Josef Taferner

Bergmeister Ingenieure GmbH, München, Germany
und Mang Architektur, München, Germany


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