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Alupress Tooling, Brixen / Bressanone

Alupress Tooling
Alupress Tooling
Alupress Tooling
Alupress Tooling
Alupress Tooling

Project description

The Alupress company has been doing business in the Brixen industrial zone since 1975. The company manufactures, processes, and assembles die-cast aluminum and aluminum parts. The automotive industry is the main customer. The company's tooling department (tool-making and mold-making) develops and manufactures the most-important operating materials, including die-casting molds, deburring tools, and various other apparatus exclusively for intra-company use.
Due to the constantly rising demand, it became necessary to establish an additional production facility. The building complex has a total surface area of 1,400 square meters. The building has a basement to warehouse the manufactured tools. To ensure adequate lighting, the roof was designed as a wooden shed roof, with about 150 square meters of glare-free glazing.

Project information

Alupress AG, Brixen, Italy

Our services
Overall planning, overall construction management, safety coordination

Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Leitner

Bergmeister GmbH
Arch. Stefan Gschnitzer, Arch. Andreas Vallazza