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Archeological Center, Mainz

Archeological Center
Archeological Center
Archeological Center
Archeological Center

Project description

The goal is to create a place establishing connections to neighboring locales (the "Old Town," the park, the harbor area) and – together with the naval museum next door – to establish it as an active location. A topographically shaped base, the so-called "New Gate Plateau," is added to the parcel of land, thus creating a fluid transition between the park landscape and the cityscape, with an axis of view established between the Archeological Center, the "Old Town," and the cathedral. The science area is designed as a two-story atrium building projecting up and out of the plateau's base. The figurative body of the museum catches the eye and also features noise-dampening properties. The various different floor spaces of the museum are interconnected and are arranged one above the other as split levels, with illumination from above. The absence of supports in the exhibition areas allows for considerably flexibility in designing different exhibitions.

Project information

Awarding authority
Land Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz, Germany

First Prize, 2010

Our services
Structural engineering

Contact person
Dr.-Ing. Josef Taferner

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