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Refurbishment of the "White Tower", Brixen / Bressanone

Refurbishment of the "White Tower"
Refurbishment of the "White Tower"
Refurbishment of the "White Tower"
Refurbishment of the "White Tower"

Project description

The walls of the tower display numerous cracks and damage to the stucco. In order to evaluate the effect of bell-ringing on the structure and the movement of the crack-widths, vibrational measurements were carried out. In doing so, it was observed that there is a direct relationship between the ringing of the bells and width of the cracks. Because of the earthquakes in recent years and/or due to the bell-ringing, some cracks have grown larger, thus necessitating refurbishment. The first measure was a drastic reduction in the tower's dynamic loads. This was accomplished by installing counter-pendula to the five bells in the tower. Further refurbishment was achieved by inserting and slightly tensioning tension rods throughout the tower at different heights.

Project information

Pfarrei St. Michael, Brixen, Italy

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Site planning, structural engineering, general construction management, safety coordination

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Dr.-Ing. Josef Taferner

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