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WaltherPark, Bozen/Bolzano


Project description

The overall project Waltherpark Bolzano as an inner-city construction measure for the revitalisation of the area around the old main bus station comprises a department shop including underground car park, hotel, flats and office space with 550,000 m3 of converted space, as well as extensive green spaces and a new traffic concept with an underpass under Südtiroler Straße.
The building has 4 basement floors and up to 8 above-ground floors, whereby the 2nd floor serves as an intercepting level in order to allow the building sections arranged above to have the most flexible floor plan possible. The supporting structure is a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with a column grid of 8.25 m x 8.25 m, which is completed by bracing development cores and isolated wall panels. In the area of the loading yard, massive supporting beams in reinforced concrete composite are required due to the large column-free areas with spans of up to 20 m and the 8-storey buildings above them. The realisation of this construction project is only possible under the protection of an excavation pit protection, whereby various types of shoring are used, such as back-anchored disintegrated bored pile walls/micro pile walls, back-anchored pipe screens, back-anchored jet grouting underpinnings, core construction and nail walls in order to realise the excavation pit depth of approx. 17.9 m as well as the complex boundary conditions due to the neighbouring buildings.

Project information

Waltherpark AG

Our services
Technical planning and civil engineering design Concept phase, structural design, excavation planning, planning of utilities, safety coordination

Contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Rudi Moroder

David Chipperfield Architects, Berlin, Germany
Dieter Mathoi Architekten, Innsbruck, Austria


Waltherpark AG, Bergmeister